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The job of a GTA radio station isn’t just to give you a bunch of songs to listen to as you drive around town, it’s to create a mood. As you drive along Vice City’s neon-lit waterfront, listening to Hall & Oates and Michael Jackson on Flash FM, the feeling of being in the 1980s is palpable. In San Andreas, riding Ganton in a low-rider, listening to Snoop and NWA on Radio Los Santos, is part of the ’90s gangbang fantasy. It’s something Rockstar excels at, carefully choosing music that evokes a specific time and place, rather than just songs they think are cool to have on a soundtrack. This is why so many people’s best memories of GTA are closely associated with music.

This is also why Vladivostok FM works so well. Grand Theft Auto 4 is the story of immigrants who rebuild their lives in Liberty City. You even play as Niko Bellic, which was, and still is, pretty radical for a video game. For the first part of the story, you spend most of your time in Broker (a Brooklyn analogue), mostly in the Hove Beach area. It has become a hotbed for immigrants from Eastern Europe, including Russians, Poles, Albanians, and Ukrainians, which is reflected in the types of shops, bars, and even NPCs you find there. will find. You hear people on the streets talking in Russian and there are many signs around you written in Cyrillic. It’s only a small area, but features some of the best global buildings in the series.

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This part of town, based on the real Brighton Beach in New York City, has a unique Eastern European flavor and culture, making it a natural fit for Niko as he finds his feet in this area. new strange and alien city. You will also notice that Hove Beach’s official radio station is Vladivostok FM, broadcast in places like the Perestroika Theater and Comrades Bar, and on car radios when you “borrow” a local’s vehicle. It’s also one of the very first things you hear in the game, moments after disembarking from the Platypus and setting foot in Liberty City for the first time, playing in Roman’s battered cab. The early hours of the game are defined by this station’s distinctive sound, infectious music, and charismatic DJ.

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Vladivostok FM broadcasts an eclectic mix of upbeat Eastern European folk and pop music, as well as a selection of Russian hip-hop. Notable tracks like King Ring by Seryoga, Wild Dances by Ruslana and Schweine by Glukoza will be permanently etched in the brains of fans of GTA 4. Ukrainian singer Ruslana also hosts the station and is one of the best DJs in the game, appearing between songs with mad, upbeat energy to criticize capitalism, American pop culture and the hypocrisy of the country’s crusade for freedom. It also refers to Ukraine Orange revolution, of which Ruslana was a strong supporter. It’s a surprisingly politically charged resort, but with the usual GTA sense of humor.

However, if you want to hear Vladivostok FM in its original form, you have to use mods. In The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion, western dance music was added to it, diluting the Eastern European atmosphere and arguably ruining the station. Worse yet, many of his most iconic songs were dropped in an update due to license expiration. Rockstar has added new music to replace it, but it’s just not the same. Start a new game and not hear that Glukoza song playing while driving in Broker with Roman just feels right wrong. Fortunately, there are some legally questionable mods for the PC version that not only restore all severed music, but prevent Gay Tony’s inappropriate additions from playing on Vladivostok FM in the main game.

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