VIDEO: Saturday is an annual “field day” for the Beaver Valley Amateur Radio Association



(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

The smallest technology can produce the biggest platform.

Such is the case with the Beaver Valley Amateur Radio Association, which will host its annual 24-hour field day beginning Saturday, June 25 at Old Economy Park. Rich Soltez (K3SOM) and director Tony Pavilonis (K3AHP) joined Matt Drzik on the June 21 edition of AM Beaver County to discuss the ins and outs of what is more commonly referred to as “radio amateur“.

According to Soltez, Field Day’s origins date back to the 1930s, when the importance of amateur radio technology was realized. “The goal was really to prepare ambulances for emergencies,” he said. “In other words, the goal was to take your gear anytime, to a remote location – maybe a park, maybe a hilltop somewhere – bring your own bits of wire and whatever what you could for antennas, and also a power source like a gasoline generator.

The power needed to run an amateur radio can also be used to contact the world. Pavilonis recounted the story of a contact made by Soltez where “he had a five watt low power radio – imagine a five watt light bulb – set up a temporary antenna in the field, and the next thing you know . ..Rich, who were you talking to?” Soltez confirmed that his first two contacts on a five-watt radio had reached Germany.

For more information on Field Day and the Beaver Valley Amateur Radio Associationvisit their website by clicking here.

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