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Ardmore, Okla – Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Officer Brian Anderson was recently honored for his community service by receiving the 97.7 KICM Radio First Responder Award.

Agent Anderson’s wife Lisa secretly named him.

“It was a surprise to me,” Constable Anderson said. “It’s an honor, but I’m not looking for recognition. I just want to be a good servant. This is my view of things.

Lisa testifies to her husband’s deep humility and commitment to serving others and his Lord. In fact, she says his servant’s heart often brings him home late.

“Brian has many abilities, one of which is that he enjoys helping people,” Lisa said. “Many times he stopped on his way back on a road near our home to help someone in distress for hours, either while waiting for a tow truck or taking people to fetch gas.

“He’ll call me and let me know he’s late.” These are things he doesn’t have to do and never says anything about. He is very humble. He never gets recognition for it and that’s why I named him. These are stories nobody ever hears because they don’t tell them. For him, it’s just a part. It’s just what he’s supposed to do.

Officer Anderson is a Chickasaw Citizen whose career at Lighthorse is just months away from the force itself, which was replenished in October 2004. “December of this year will be my 18th year (I work with Lighthorse)” , did he declare.

His original duties were to patrol the southern district of the nation. He is currently serving in the Chickasaw Nation Headquarters building.

Lisa said not too long ago Brian sat down with a man and woman from Tulsa on a road near their home in Johnston County as the weather threatened a tornado blew overhead of their head.

“He sat with them during the storm and helped them find a room (at a local hostel).”

His first law enforcement job was in Tishomingo where he served as Deputy Police Chief before joining Lighthorse.

Lisa says Brian’s professional courtesy is often appreciated, even by those he has had to confront on the other side of the law.

“People he arrested came to me and said, ‘You know, the way he treated me that night changed my life.’ “

You could argue that Lisa’s life trajectory was also altered while Constable Anderson carried out his law enforcement duties.

“We actually met because he stopped me for speeding! She laughed, grateful that she had actually been guilty.

Officer Anderson spent more than two years in the United States Army, where an injury forced him to civilian life. “He would come back if they let him and he would serve his country today,” Lisa said.

One of his leisure activities is teaching martial arts to local children.

“If anyone needed even outside of police work, whether it was food, money, or a ride somewhere, Brian has always been very helpful to everyone,” Lisa said.

“He doesn’t think twice. He is a very pious man. He loves Jesus. He lives by it and helping others and serving. He’s a pretty good guy. I am also very lucky to have him in my life, ”she said.

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