Radio amateurs will hold a public emergency test this weekend



June 25 – TOWNSHIP OF VERNON – The Crawford Amateur Radio Society is participating in a National Emergency Communications Test this weekend and invites the public to take the opportunity to learn more about amateur or amateur radio and what they offer to the community.

The company will set up shop at Roche Park in Vernon Township for 24 hours over the weekend as it participates in the test. They will start to settle around 9am today, with the test starting at 2pm and continuing until 2pm on Sunday.

“We’re going to have a total of four radios installed,” said Michael Hall, the company’s field day president. “One radio is going to use Morse code. We’re going to have another radio that’s going to work in digital mode, what they’re calling FT8, and we’re going to have two other radios that are going to use voice.”

One of these radios will be available to visitors, giving them the opportunity to experience what it is like to operate an amateur radio.

During emergency situations, amateur radio operators may be called in to help provide short and long range communications. Additionally, amateur operators often monitor inclement weather for the National Weather Service, according to the company.

The purpose of the test is to show the reliability of amateur groups in emergency situations as they will try to reach as many other stations as possible.

“It’s convenient for us to put these things in place under less than ideal conditions,” Hall said. “Away from our homes, running for 24 hours on backup power.”

Indeed, the company will not use any commercial electricity to operate its radios during the event.

If anyone is interested in joining the Crawford Amateur Radio Society, Hall said the group will have applications in place.

The event is free and open to the public.

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