RAC Amateur of the Year 2021: Hiroshi Takahashi, VA7LET



Through the RAC Amateur of the Year Award, Radio Amateurs of Canada recognizes the outstanding contributions of Canadian amateurs. The RAC Board of Directors reviews nominations for the RAC Fan of the Year Award and presents it if and when the nomination demonstrates outstanding contribution made. If there are multiple nominations, the best for that year is approved.

RAC BC/Yukon Director Keith Witney, VE7KW (left), was pleased to present the award to Hiroshi at his home on March 8

Hiroshi Takahashi, VA7LETmade a significant contribution to the amateur radio community of Vancouver, BC.

He has been very active with the Vancouver Emergency Community Telecommunications Organization (VECTOR), which runs the amateur radio program that supports the Vancouver Emergency Management Agency and improves community communications preparedness.

Hiroshi’s contributions to amateur radio include the following:

  • Coordinate VECTOR’s Basic Amateur Certification course from 2014 to 2020, helping 800 people become amateurs in two to three courses each year
  • Coordinate VECTOR civic service operations from 2014-2019 with Gary Webb, VA7GMW and Mike Watkins, VE7WV, including activations at annual Celebration of Light, Canada Day and Santa Claus Parade events
  • Vice-president of VECTOR from 2014 to 2019
  • Coordination of annual VECTOR exercises from 2012 to 2016
  • Coordination of the implementation of VECTOR Field Day from 2013 to 2019 with Gary and Mike
  • Sponsorship and operation of VE7RVU, a local 440 MHz repeater
  • Support for the maintenance of the VE7RVZ repeater, a 2 meter local repeater
  • Inspire and coordinate local 2 meter QSO party from 2019

In 2021, Hiroshi founded the Lower Mainland Radio Room (LMRR) to focus on the “fun” of radio technology to bring more people to the airwaves and inspire existing hobbyists to discover new ways. to use their radio.

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Phil A. McBride, VA3QR/VA3KPJ
President and President of RAC

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