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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2021 / Australian market NFT NFT STARS is gearing up for the launch of an innovative product called NFT Radio, which promises to be a big breakthrough in the music industry. NFT Radio is the very first radio station to broadcast unique content 24/7 and sell all audio content as non-fungible tokens. Powered by NFT and blockchain technologies, the new service solves many of the issues that creators and musicians are currently facing.

All-in-one: a radio station, a music marketplace and a podcast app

NFT Radio takes the best of the music industry and blockchain technology, in one product. It is a blockchain-based radio station, NFT audio marketplace, and a creative platform for musicians, producers, DJs, and radio hosts.

The platform consists of two main moving parts: a radio station with unique content (curated by die-hard music lovers) and an audio marketplace where listeners can purchase NFT tracks. The radio will present a variety of promising artists from international labels, DJs and young stars who will prepare their first shows. NFT Radio will host its own talk shows and interviews, keeping them for users to enjoy later. The talk shows will cover topics relevant to blockchain enthusiasts and musicians making careers in the digital space, touching on all the points where music and blockchain overlap. The service has no boundaries in terms of format and the team is ready to explore the possibilities of music tokenization, working with the community of creators and market experts.

The service will begin with radio streaming and, from day one, will present the public with impressive programming. The first artists to appear on NFT Radio come from all over the world. Expect to hear Doug Brennan aka DJ Lost from Berlin; Tadan, the London-based chef of electro; a new project from Russian producer Volta Cab – Rambal Cochet; producer Tito Van from Jakarta … and many more. In about 2-3 months, the NFT Radio team will launch the NFT Audio Marketplace where users will have the option to list their works and sell them as non-fungible tokens.

Blockchain, the secret sauce for NFT radio

The revolutionary nature of NFT Radio is hidden in the blockchain technology that powers it. Each piece of music broadcast on the air, each program hosted by the station will be represented in the form of an NFT (which stands for Non-Fungible Token). Each NFT is present on the blockchain and has a unique identifier that contains information about the file with which it is associated (i.e. a show, a song). Thus, NFT Radio solves the copyright issue that many artists face and makes the industry more transparent.

NFT is also changing the way musicians promote and monetize their creative offerings. NFT Radio has its own music marketplace where artists can list and sell their tracks. This takes all the middleman out of the process, so the musician, DJs, and content creators get paid directly for their original productions. In addition to this, NFTs can be programmed to collect royalties on all secondary resales and credit them to the content creator. With each sale, the author collects a certain percentage of the income. Listeners and visitors to the platform can purchase any song with two clicks. It’s a great new way for music lovers to learn about new artists and industry trends.

The NFT Radio team aims to partner with music labels, festivals, clubs and artists who, like the developers of the platform, are optimistic that the integration of new technologies into the process Creative has the power to start a new revolution in music and broadcasting.

About NFT STARS, creators of NFT Radio

NFT STARS is Australia’s first NFT marketplace that offers its users a unique set of products and services. The market follows a strict artist selection approach. Each creator presented on the platform is either chosen by the board of directors or voted by the community. Thus, the NFT STARS team is able to provide truly special treatment to the select few NFT “stars”. The Marketplace supports the free flow of ideas and allows artists to create works of art as a team through the NFT collective property feature and share the proceeds of its sale equally. Among other things, NFT STARS is launching its own collection of NFT avatars – SIDUS: NFT Heroes – which features unique characters that can be used as a social media avatar or transformed into a game character in the SIDUS DAO metaverse.

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