New ‘Gen Y’ radio station set to air on North Cork



FROM next weekend, the airwaves of North Cork will be buzzing with the sound of a brand new radio station dedicated solely to ‘Millennials’ music.

reedom FM will begin broadcasting a mix of music, dance, rock and R&B from 1990 to the turn of the millennium to discerning music lovers across the regions from its transmission studio in Bweeng.

Established as an online station in 2020, Freedom FM secured its first FM radio license last year, broadcasting in Cork. cities of Limerick, Galway and Dublin.

Station manager Sean Power says the success of FM broadcasts over the past year has encouraged the Freedom FM team to take the plunge and bring “the music of our young people” to more parts of the country. .

With that in mind, the station submitted an application to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) to expand its coverage areas, eventually signing the necessary contracts earlier this month.

This means that in addition to its coverage of the city, the station will begin broadcasting in the North Cork area on 87.7 FM from Saturday under an initial 30-day temporary broadcast license from the BAI.

The station will also continue to broadcast worldwide via its website at

“I think one of our station promotions sums up our ethos perfectly. ‘Freedom FM – broadcasting to millennials. Why? Because someone has to’” smiles Sean.

“I know that our 28 DJs and radio presenters will have a real pleasure helping those who grew up in the 90s and 2000s relive their youth through the sounds of those two decades and our specialized music programs and features,” a- he added.

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