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MONTE VISTA – The San Luis Valley Association of Radio Amateurs (SARA) hosted a Field Day Demonstration on Amateur Broadcasting on Saturday, June 25 at Chapman Park in Monte Vista.

President of the Association Radio SLV, Adam Lock was present at the demonstration and was delighted.

“We’re excited, despite the weather, we had a good turnout,” Lock said. “We have already spoken to many people about our group and what we are trying to achieve. We are here to show what radio amateurs are capable of. We are operating today under emergency conditions. We produce our own energy using solar power and a backup generator. For us, it’s more about showing people what we are really capable of and what we can do in emergency situations. How can we help firefighters, EMS or anyone else in need of emergency assistance, should the need arise. We can also use the radio for simple things, like organizing a parade or a fair, or any other event that is going on. It is also a competition organized by the American Radio Relay League, a representative organization. There are many different groups in the country that all participate in this together, the last weekend of June each year. This is the third year that we have been able to organize this demonstration. We really have fun demonstrating all of this to people. We want to help the community and show people what we can do for them.

Amateur radio, also known as amateur radio, derived from the nickname of an amateur radio operator, involves the use of different types of radio communication equipment to connect with people. Amateur radio licensing began in 1912. The first license was contingent on the ability of the operator to report to the field office and operate the radio station. Amateur radio and licensing has since grown so much in popularity that it has become a worldwide network that can reach all over the United States and all the way to the International Space Station.

Amateur radio is used for many types of communication, but one of the greatest areas of radio importance is the ability to use this type of radio when other existing forms of communication fail; in the event of a major emergency or global catastrophe.

“You never know when something like this will happen,” Lock said. “I’m just thinking about the recent fire that happened and the emergency with the shutdown of Xcel Energy that happened recently too. A lot of people don’t know that, but we Hams actually had our boots on the ground, we were on the ground broadcasting and working to help spread information when these events took place.

One of the main objectives of the SLV Amateur Radio Association, also known as SARA, is to be available in case of emergency for the Valley.

At a recent meeting of the Monte Vista City Council, President Lock gave a presentation on SARA and explained the group and demonstrated what the group can do in an emergency.

City Manager GiGi Dennis recognized the group at the meeting and told the group that she would like to look into ways to help the group with funding for more equipment.

From June 20 to 26 has been proclaimed Amateur Radio Week by the city of Monte Vista.

Contributed Photos The San Luis Valley Amateur Radio Association held a Field Day demonstration on amateur broadcasting on Saturday, June 25 at Chapman Park in Monte Vista.

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