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Created by two hip-hop enthusiasts, RJ Toy and his son Nishan from Toy of Team Mam Mam (TMM Media) USA, the platform is the result of a containment project

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Posted on 07.22.21, 00:35 AM

With hip-hop being one of the hottest genres, it makes sense to devote a radio platform to it. The Hit The Beatz platform recently launched its 24/7 online radio station that will showcase all hip-hop. Created by two hip-hop enthusiasts, RJ Toy and his son Nishan from Toy of Team Mam Mam (TMM Media) USA, the platform is the result of a containment project. The station covers hip-hop but also R&B, Afrobeats, reggae, dancehall and more, keeping in mind the idea: “Music that will make you MOVE. »It features well-known artists as well as budding musicians.

Hit The Beatz is available worldwide on major radio platforms, like Zeno Radio, Live 365, Radio Garden, Streema, Simple Radio and on Alexa, and a website is also in the works. Nishan, with his performing skills and deep understanding of the new face of the genre, curated a mixed playlist different from most music offerings. In addition to being a successful radio host and distributor of multimedia and technology content, RJ Toy has, during his corporate career, led the formation of major radio stations and launched several television stations in the United States. United. Here is a discussion with the curators of Hit The Beatz.

Upon opening the Hit the Beatz app, users go to the music section and view the name of the song and artist, in addition to the illustration.  You can pause playback and even leave a thumb up (or down) on a track.  The radio platform also allows you to share its content with friends through mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

How did you two start the journey?

RJ toy: After lockdown started last year, Nishan and I talked about starting a radio station called Hit The Beatz and we realized that we have a passion for hip-hop and I’ve been working in the radio department for quite some time. time. So we thought it would be a great idea to create a station that can also focus on inspiring young people and positivity.

Nichan: We are from two completely different eras of hip-hop; that’s why our music library includes both old-fashioned hip-hop music and modern trap music; you can see the evolution of the genre within our library.

What were your roles in this implementation?

Nichan: I’m mainly in charge of adding songs to the playlist… I’m more in touch with modern hip-hop so every time new songs come out I find out. And if they are good, I add them to the playlist. I also helped design our app and website and sent designs to app developers.

How do you select which songs will be on your playlist?

Nichan: When I add new songs, I see what is currently trending, especially if a major mainstream artist releases a song. I usually see the trends on Billboard, Spotify, and Apple Music.

RJ toy: We also try to promote underground hip-hop artists, so that they can send their music and in this case, they can get into the mainstream.

Will the station offer other genres as well?

RJ toy: We’re mostly a hip-hop focused station, but we also have a lot of pop music, R&B, reggae, and other stuff. The station is quite progressive and it is gaining ground without any marketing. In fact, I can see the numbers and there are people logging in every day. So far it’s just word of mouth and it’s been going well.

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