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HYDERABAD: A two-day program by amateur radio (amateur radio) enthusiasts to explore ideas involving new DIY radio techniques kicked off at Muffakam Jah College of Engineering and Technology on Saturday. “The annual event, ‘Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention-2019’ organized by the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club (LARC) aims to encourage experimentation and knowledge sharing associated with radio communication,” said LARC co-founder , Ashhar Farhan. Farhan builds amateur radio equipment using commonly available parts.

Convention attendees presented their latest experiences with new radio techniques. They exchanged information on the latest technological advances. Amateur radio experts talked to amateur radio enthusiasts about radio waves, building antennas, DIY satellite pass tracker and notifier.

“The technology can be used to experiment with wireless communication, entertainment and especially emergency communication,” said LARC member Hanumantha Rao. “Amateur radio activity is perhaps the only hobby that requires a license from the Indian government’s telecommunications department,” he said, adding, “Farmers in remote areas can use this technology because it is cheap, reliable and free”.

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