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Since 1931

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Memorial Scholarship

The Rochester Amateur Radio Association Memorial Scholarship is awarded in memory of the following "Silent Keys":

William Buchan, W2OMV
Keith Freeberg N2BEL
John E. Levis, KB2FXI
William Resch, K4VOS
Leland Zwack, W2WPF

This annual award is given to a licensed Amateur Radio operator pursuing a degree at any accredited post secondary school. The individual must be a member of RARA  and a resident of New York State. The award is for one individual for one year, but the recipient may reapply for subsequent years.

Past RARA Memorial Scholarship recipients are:

2015    Bryan Carey, KC2MRD
2013    Michael Bock, KD2DBU
2012    Max Kelley, KC2SPY
2011    Ben Stewart, KC2JXP
2010    Kira DiTucci, KD2FBI
2009    Sam Swisher, N2TJX
2008    Robbie Escriva, KC2DQN
2007    Jennifer Choudri, KC2PKH
2006    Robbie Escriva, KC2DQN
2005    Alexander Rossbach, KC2JUN
2004    John McIntyre, W2JMC
2003    John McIntyre, W2JMC
2002    Kristy DiBelka, KC2GKE
2001    Kellie Gauvin, KB2CHC

Download a RaRa Scholarship Application here.

Applications are due no later than April 15th. The RARA Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee will make an award decision by May 15th.

Please answer all questions on the application completely. If any question is not applicable to your situation, enter N/A in the blank. Feel free to use annotated addendum sheets to explain your responses more fully. This award is based on a combination of need, scholastic achievement, contributions to Amateur Radio, extra curricular activities and community involvement.

All information provided on the application will be held in the strictest confidence. No personal information will be released without the approval of the applicant.

Please submit all applications to:

Rochester Amateur Radio Association
Memorial Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 93333
Rochester, New York 14692-8333

The Rochester Amateur Radio Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Educational Corporation
Updated: March 23, 2015